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Servers & Cooks (18 & older) - Bussers (16 & older)

Posted: 04/16/2021

  • Servers & cooks must be over 18 due to Liquor Authority laws.   Bussers over 16.  
  • Start dates are flexible, training is typically 5 days for a front of house positions (server and bussers) and 2 weeks for a back of house position (cooks).
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday availability is a requirement.  Minimum of 3 days availability to be considered as a potential team member.
Click  for on links below for:
Busser Profile (16 & older)
Cook Profile (18 & older)
Server Profile (18 & older)

Applications are submitted through - at bottom of page is a link for hourly team members to apply.  There is a questionnaire that goes along with the application in order for it to be considered complete and go to the next step of the application process.  If you do not complete the questionnaire, we will not receive the email from our hiring portal that there is a new applicant.

16 & older: 16 & older