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Lifeguard (16 & older)

Posted: 04/22/2021

Splish Splash offers the Lifeguard Course free of charge!
Lifeguards actively guard all pools, activity areas, and slide attractions.
Candidate must complete and maintain the E&A (Ellis & Associates) certification that will be provided by Splish Splash Waterpark.

Lifeguards are required to do the following to receive the  E&A ILTP License;
- continuously swim in a Front Crawl or Breaststroke (on their stomach facing forward) swim without stopping for 200 yards (183 Meters),
- tread water for two minutes with hands above the water
- retrieve a 10 pound (4.5 Kilogram) brick from the bottom of a pool that is up to 10 feet (3 Meters).

This includes intermediate swimming skills while your head is under water.
Lifeguards must be able to stand or walk for long periods of time, and be in various depths of water (ranging from ankle deep to chest deep) for 30 minutes to an hour throughout the duration of their shift.
Applicants must be at least 16 years old by first day of work to apply.
All candidates are expected to endure moderate inclement weather including temperature.

Additional Tasks:

Continually enforce all Park rules while dispatching and attending all slides and attractions.

Providing exceptional guest service including but not limited to provide information and direction to guest as needed

Provide a safe and clean facility by effectively managing attractions and grounds

Provide In-Water Rescues, CPR, and/or First Aid as needed

Provide assistance in other departments, including but not limited to, Landscaping

Additional Qualifications:

Must have a vision of 20/25 or 20/25 corrected vision, and always wear corrective lens or lenses to assure 20/25 vision while on duty

Must have strong communication skills, a friendly, positive attitude, and be dedicated to customer service

Must be attentive to guests and knowledgeable of the property to assist them

Must be able to work as a team or individually

Must be flexible and able to work where they are needed

Must have the ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintaining instructions, and procedure manuals

Must have the ability to read, write, and speak in English

Must have the ability to understand and respond to verbal instructions

Must have a friendly, positive attitude and be dedicated to customer service

Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds



16 & older: 16 & older