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Advanced Proactive Solutions LLC


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About Us

Case consultants and investigators primarily serving the legal as well as the business communities. From vehicle collision investigations to complex white collar frauds we are here to help find solutions, through finding the truth. Finding asymmetrical solutions through asymmetrical strategies and tactics.

Negotiations with insurance companies take a very different turn when the attorney for the plaintiff mentions ''those are not the findings of my investigator''.

Sometimes, when businesses are the victim of white collar embezzlement, staged accidents or fraud, matters may be more prudently approached through civil litigation ''clawback'' rather than criminal prosecution.

Cases for individuals are done but judiciously vetted to ensure the case is in the best interest of the client. We don't predicate our strategies around billable hours, they are predicated on getting results toward the client's end. We never take a retainer on a case that we don't believe we can have a material impact on a positive outcome.

The network of individuals Advanced Proactive Solutions works with, have these skills and many more. Former law enforcement from all levels, intelligence community operatives and private sector professionals round out our element of operators.

Great cases start with great investigations. Great investigations come from a combination of operational experience and outside the box thinking.