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About Us

Established in 1842, Peconic Monument Works has been specializing in memorials at the same Riverhead location for over 172 years. We strive to offer superior customer service to our families, while providing the highest quality memorials that truly depict your vision. From a simple flat marker to an elaborate mausoleum, we are your full service memorial shop. We also specialize in cemetery lettering, repair work, and cleaning services. Our goal in working with each family is to make the process of designing a memorial as easy and encouraging as possible. We have a large indoor display of memorials to help families see some of the size, design, and finish options available. Although we have a variety of memorials on hand, please know that each memorial is custom made. Every memorial is created by the hands of skilled craftsmen who cut and personalize each memorial and ultimately create a cherished representation of a loved one's life. A memorial is a reflection of personal taste, but it is also the way one will be remembered for generations to come. It can even be the only permanent purchase a family makes in their lifetime.